Unpaid Wages


unpaid Agreed Upon Wages

Even if your employer has not failed to pay you minimum wages or overtime, an employer may refuse to pay you for earned wages. If your employer has agreed to pay you and tries to change the terms of your agreement or otherwise deny you wages, you may be able to sue for violation of that agreement.

examples of unpaid contractual wages:

To help you evaluate whether you may have been denied proper wage payments, here is a list of potential wage violations. Read through the list, and if you have questions or believe you have been denied wages due to one or more of these situations, contact Osman & Smay, LLC for a free consultation.

  • Unpaid commissions.
  • Unpaid signing bonus.
  • Refusing a promised raise or pre-negotiated rate.
  • Deduction of your wages.
  • Bounced payroll checks.
Do you believe you are owed wages?

Do you feel an employer denied you full compensation according to federal or minimum wage law in your state? Were you not paid at least minimum wage for all of your hours worked? Contact us today if you have questions about unpaid wages.

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