Unpaid Wages


unpaid Minimum Wages

The FLSA and other state laws require employers to pay a minimum wage for all hours worked. It is the employers’ responsibility to monitor your working hours to ensure that you are paid for all work performed at the legal and appropriate rates.

If your employer forces you to work off-the-clock, makes deductions to your compensation or fails to reimburse you for all work-related expenses, you may not have been paid for all hours worked at the legal rate under federal and/or state law.

the federal minimum wage:

Under the FLSA, employees are entitled to receive minimum wages for the hours they work for an employer. Here are the most recent federal minimum wage rates:

  • 2009 – Present: $7.25/hour (Effective July 24, 2009)
  • 2008 – 2009: $6.55/hour (Effective July 24, 2008)
  • 2007-2008: $5.85/hour (Effective July 24, 2007)

examples of minimum wage violations:

To help you evaluate whether you may have been denied proper wage payments, here is a list of potential minimum wage violations. Read through the list, and if you have questions or believe you have been denied minimum wages due to one or more of these situations, contact Osman & Smay, LLC for a free consultation.

  • You believe that your employer is not paying you the full hourly compensation required by either federal or state minimum wage laws.
  • You are required to perform job duties before you begin your official work day or after the official work day ends (clock-in or clock-out), and, you are not paid for that time.
  • You are expected to work or perform work-related tasks during your designated break.
  • Your unpaid breaks are frequently interrupted by work responsibilities.
  • Your employer has made a deduction from your paycheck for “mistakes” or “damages” to your employer’s property.
  • Your paycheck “bounces” because your employer has insufficient funds in the company account.
  • Although your total pay for a work week meets the minimum wage requirement, the employer paid you less than the minimum wage for some portion of that work week.

Do you believe you are owed wages?

Do you feel an employer denied you full compensation according to federal or minimum wage law in your state? Were you not paid at least minimum wage for all of your hours worked? Contact us today if you have questions about unpaid wages.

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