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Osman & Smay LLC

Employment Lawyer in Overland Park

Matthew E. Osman & Stephen L. Smay founded Osman & Smay LLC in 2010 to ensure employees are treated fairly and paid in accordance with federal and state employment law. The employment lawyers at Osman & Smay LLC represent employees on a variety of employment law claims including, claims for unpaid overtime and minimum wages, discrimination, retaliation, and other wrongful termination.

Whether you have a claim that affects only you or a large group of employees, the employment lawyers at Osman & Smay LLC are here to aggressively represent you to stop the unfair treatment of workers.


We review your situation.
We determine the relevant statutes and explain your rights.
We explain the process of enforcing your rights to fair treatment in the workplace.
We answer questions about your rights. under state and federal wage laws.



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Contingency Fee - No Recovery, No Fee

Our employment lawyers at Osman & Smay LLC will handle your claims for discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, and unpaid minimum wages on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing unless you get paid.
Osman & Smay LLC will work tirelessly to ensure that your employment rights are enforced to the maximum extent. Call today for a free consultation and find out how the employment lawyers at Osman & Smay LLC can help you enforce your rights in the workplace.
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