Social Media's Effect on Employee Privacy


Most workers understand that some postings on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be viewed by existing and potential employers. Many employers already review such social networking sites in the ordinary course of hiring new workers. Therefore, employees and job-seekers should make sure that they understand the privacy policies and settings of each of the social networking sites in which they participate.

Existing law permits employers to review any emails sent or received by their employees on their work-related email accounts. However, it is currently unsettled as to whether an employer can access an employee’s personal email or social networking account that was accessed using the employer’s computer network. Employees who send emails or use social networking sites over their employer’s network should recognize that their privacy may not be ensured. Therefore, in order to protect your privacy you should not send personal emails from your work-related email accounts or access your social networking accounts during work hours.

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