Conditional Class Certification Granted in Favor of Cable Installers

Fair Labor Standards Act

Kansas Federal Court Conditionally Certifies Class Overtime Claims of Installation Technicians against Mill-Tel, Inc.—Knight et al v. Mill-Tel, Inc., Case No. 11-CV-1143-EFM-KGS (Dist. Kan.)

On July 12, 2012, the Honorable Judge Eric F. Melgren conditionally certified a class of current and former Mill-Tel, Inc. cable Installation Technicians who have worked for Mill-Tel, Inc. at any time during the past three years.  The Court’s Order approved the mailing of Notice to these individuals so that they are aware of the lawsuit and to provide them with the opportunity to join.  The Court has not ruled that Mill-Tel, Inc. owes money to such individuals, but has merely determined that these people should have the opportunity to join and have their claims included in this lawsuit.