Call Center Investigation

Fair Labor Standards Act

Osman & Smay LLC is currently investigating potential claims on behalf of call center employees.  Call center employees are often required to work significant hours and may not be paid for all hours worked.  Many call centers utilize computer systems requiring call center employees to clock-in to time-keeping software to begin tracking the number of hours worked.  As a result, these call center employees may not be paid for the time it takes to turn on and off their computers and any time spent performing work away from their computers.  Although, the amount of time worked off-the-clock by an individual worker may seem insignificant on a daily basis, such call centers often have hundreds or thousands of employees and these seemingly minor violations may result in millions of dollars in unpaid wages.

If you have worked in a call center within the past three years and have questions about your rights, contact an experienced wage and hour attorney to help you better understand your rights.