Collective & Class Actions

You Are Not Alone

Many employers have systematic and centralized compensation practices which not only affect an individual employee’s rights, but may also affect all employees within a given job category. As a result, the employment attorneys at OSMAN & SMAY LLP will represent multiple employees to enforce their rights to fair compensation and treatment. These types of cases are sometimes called collective actions or class actions, because they are filed on behalf of multiple workers who have all been paid pursuant to the same unlawful compensation practices.

Regardless of whether OSMAN & SMAY LLP is representing a single client or hundreds of clients in a collective or class action, our employment attorneys have the experience, resources and dedication to effectively pursue the recovery of unpaid overtime and minimum wages as required by the federal and state wage laws. You have worked hard to earn your money; the employment attorneys at OSMAN & SMAY LLP are dedicated to recovering unpaid wages owed to you.

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